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RESC SC Directors & President

Mr. Safwat
Founder & Executive Director
Safwat is a pharmacist and a businessman who is passionate about helping others. Fortunate to have the opportunity to play sports his whole life, Safwat knows the benefits and life lessons that come with access to youth sports. After developing and delivering successful public relations and managing pharmacies, a soccer academy, and other business corporations, Safwat brings his experience to RESC SC (Royal Edmonton Soccer Club) with the goal to provide RESC SC players with the opportunity to play youth sports. Much of Safwat’s life has revolved around sports, playing soccer in Egypt as a child, through university and still today in Canada. Safwat wholeheartedly believes that the lessons and experiences kids can encounter through sports can set them up for a lifetime of success.
Coach Shady
Founder & President
Shady was a coach of soccer and fitness in Edmonton Soccer in Royal Madrid Club from 1/9/2015 and was a coach of soccer and fitness in Jeventus Edmonton Soccer Club. - SOCCER COACH in point Clear Club Academy coach winter with (provincial B license) in quebec 1/112012- 1/5/2012 - Consulate EVALUATION AND Gymnastics Coach in Club gymnastics and fitness room and sport, Montréal, Quebec (v gym) montreal from 1/8/2012 to 20/4/2013 . - SOCCER COACH 01/05/2013 - 1/08/2013 in ASSOM CLUB , MONTREAL ,QUEBEC - SOCCER COACH from 18/05/2013 to 1/08/2013 In Special Olympics , Montréal , Quebec - Coach Soccer Winning two medals (gold and bronze) at the Special Olympics Québec, victoria city champion. - Soccer coach of the winning team of Special Olympics Montreal and Egypt; gymnastics coach - PhD in physical education in 2009 teaching physical education by using hypermedia for normal students and disabilities students . - Master in physical education in 2005 using computer for making visual feedback in teaching physical education for normal students and disabilities students. - High diploma Graduate degree in special education in 2008 -Education Bachelor degree of Physical Education and Health in 1997 with VERY GOOD and a score 75% - COMPARATIVE EVALUATION OF STUDIES CONDUCTED OUTSIDE QUEBEC. (University studies completed PhD in science of physical education ) Teaching certified from Canada
Coach Jihad
Founder & Technical Director
Jihad started to play soccer professionally at an early age at wehdat and alahli clubs in Jordan. Coaching was one of his interests when he was 18, so he started his career coaching different teams while establishing a few soccer academies. Jihad is also a teacher since 2010 and became a certified teacher in Alberta, in Canada in 2020. Besides his degree in Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts, has also has a certificate and a licence of a Certified Principal from the Ministery of Education and the University of Alberta. He has a wide and various experience in coaching in Edmonton such as Africa Center, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Edmonton Public Schools, MAC School, Dunluce, Lorelei, South Clareview, Huda Soccer Academy, AL Mustafa Academy, Dar Sunnah and Action for Healthy Communities. Jihad works now in Free Play for Kids as one of the soccer coaches for the 3rd year. He also work in a company that is organized to scout players in Dubai. Besides that, Jihad has several connections with many professional players, clubs, coaches, agencies around the world. He coached thousands of boys and girls players over the years of his career and he is still advancing and learning as he states that he is a life long learner. Jihad has the B Diploma and the C Licence from Canada Soccer and through them, he is always looking forward to obtain more along the way to keep developing his skills to serve better in his position as a Founder and Technical Director at RESC SC (Royal Edmonton Soccer Club). Jihad promsies to share his expertise with RESC SC players and coaches to give the chance for players to play with the top league in Edmonton and provide an opportunity for coaches to grow in their career and for parents to help their kids find their way in sport to be professional players in the future (playing in top teams when they grow or play in a university and get their scholarships). Jihad is extermely happy and glad to meet and greet any player at RESC SC and he will work closely to develop skills and build confidence throughout RESC SC.

RESC SC Administrators

Technical Club Administrator
Before being an administrator for RESC SC, Tony has had lots of work experience and was involved in many office work. He was also involved in organizing and also leading many activities. Antony has achieved numeral certificates from various leadership meetings and organizations from all across Canada and received 3rd place in the whole country for having an impactful presence. He was also involved in health meetings and accomplished a certificate for completing the course. He has have a high rank in Scout and attend meetings on a regular basis. Through them, Antony has gained techniques that will uphold the club and make it the first in the country. Playing soccer started for him since he was 3 years old! His passion towards soccer has made him to train and be the best that he can be in the sport, says Antony. Meeting up with the coaches of the team came through time, through partnerships, and through collaborations. Being one of the administrators of RESC SC, it is his role to uphold and to help the club to grow. It is also one of his responsibilities to help players demonstrate their skills and talent in the worldwide famous game of soccer.
Club Administrator
From 1985 to 1991, Walid was playing in the school team as a goalkeeper and at the same time he was playing with the Sudanese community in the industrial city of Yanbu in KSA.
Club Administrator
Peter was first introduced to soccer through watching soccer games up close and helping the young players get better at soccer during practice and also during matches. Some of my other hobbies for Peter are playing volleyball, kickball, and exercising at the local gym.
Club Administrator & Coach
Ahmed Hag Elsafi holds a BSc and a MSc of Electronics and Communications Engineering, Arab Academy for Science and Technology in 2002 and 2004 respectively. He has 15 years of research and industrial development experience in areas of embedded systems and machine learning with over 10 years in the Oil & Gas industry. Prior to working as a team official for RESC SC, Ahmed had played for EDSA for many years.

RESC SC Technical & Goalie Coaches

Coach Issa
Technical Coach
Issa was born in Syria. He used to coach as an assistant coach with Coach Jihad in his previous teams in EMSA during 2016-2018 and won many seasons together. Issa describes that he has huge love for the game of soccer, as a result, he used to play back in Syria and also joined the Men's League in Edmonton when he came to Canada. Issa is a big fan to promote healthy environments to players so they can play from their heart and do their best. He encourages them to be as serious as they could and enjoy themselves to play the sport in teamwork and show sportsmanship to everyone involved. Soccer, for him, is not just a game, but also a way of life. Issa is very glad to join RESC SC and help the coaches to grow the club and build the community together.
Coach Rabeen
Technical Coach
Rabeen has 15 years of work experience as a soccer player and a coach. He holds the C Diploma, B Diploma, and A Diploma from UEFA in Europe. He also has a PhD. in Sport Training in Ukraine and a Masters Degree in Physical Education and Rehebltation in Ukraine. He played in professional clubs in Ukraine such as FC Peachersk Kiev Sport Club. Gara Club and Karawan Club in Duhuk. He has also coached in Gara Club, Athletic Kiev in Ukraine, and Viya Sport Institute in Duhuk. He has good communication skills and works under time pressure. Rabeen also has strong administrative and organizational skills; experience in problem-solving, and effective working skills both as a team member and independently. He is known to have strong initiative, a positive, dedication, and to learn quickly. He looks forward to help the club to rise to the level of the skills of players and use his experience to enhance professionalism at RESC SC.
Coach Mohamed
Technical Coach
Academically for Mohamed, he has a background in Business management with a Master’s degree in industrial engineering and has had many experiences as project manager in Morocco. On the other hand, he has played soccer since he was 6 years old. He played soccer too in each level in primary school until university as well. In terms of coaching, he had organized tournaments for children under the community through collaboration with sportive organisations. In addition, he has been engaged in a variety of sports, especially, in my university time as a sport mental coach in university games. Communication, engagement and problem-solving are the best keys of succeed in his professional career he says, so then they are normally required in sports as well. He sincerely take this new opportunity with hope that he can give an added value to RESC SC and enrich more experiences by learning more. Meeting Coach Jihad he says, gave him more motivation to help our children and develop their skills to achieve a level of professionalism for all of RESC SC.
Coach Romish
Technical Coach
Romish is a person who believes that we all have potential, and through practices, we can be the best version of ourselves. Since his childhood, Romish has played soccer, which many consider as just a sport or game, but he believe that there is more to it than just kicking the ball. It also involves interaction, creative thinking, and leadership qualities, which are essential skills for our lives. It has always been his dream and desire he says, to direct our future young generation to discover their potential, and by doing that, he will support them to the best of his ability as they strive to succeed in this beautiful game.
Coach Yaman
Technical Coach
Yaman Almousali always had always had a passion for soccer since when he was a kid playing around in the neighbourhood. Through his passion. Yaman joined his town club and played in the provincial tournament. After that, he played as a defender for the big provincial club Al-Shula for youth. He continued to play with the club in the Syrian national league. After, he joined the University of English and got his bachelor in English literature. He also has a degree in financial planning that works for one of the big banks in Canada. He is very pleased to join RESC SC as a coach and a coach assistant. His passion for soccer and the players will keep him always seeking to help the players to improve their skill in the sport and their daily life.

Coach John
Technical Coach
John is a First Nation from the Treaty 6 territory Red Pheasant, Saskatchewan. He comes from a soccer family and with a huge background of soccer in Saskatchewan, all of Central of Alberta and in British Columbia all due to high levelled soccer Tournaments..etc John has played with the Canada team in Calgary during the Nations Cup in 2015 and 2016. Later down the road he had created his own Mens First Nations team only playing in competitive soccer tournaments in Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary threw out the years. He has had a huge opportunity to play in the World Indigenous Games with the Mens Nakota Sioux team, Hosted in Edmonton Alberta. We had played teams from Columbia, Paraguay, Panama, treat.6 team, treaty 5 from Manitoba..etc. His goal is to get more First Nations children to get into the game of soccer and show case their talents when it comes to soccer. Not only youth but he is also working on his men’s team to continuously grow and get better each year. John has been focusing on development on himself, his team, and his sons and their soccer teams as well. He has been assisting with coaching in Wetaskiwin, Red deer in the past years for his sons that have played in those leagues. He also coaches U11 during the summers in the Alberta Indigenous games for soccer that have did well in the past couple of years coaching these young talented First Nations Athletes. John is aiming on bettering himself as coach or a assistant coach though getting more experience as much as he can. Showing what he can bring to the table with his life experiences and with the game of soccer for his family, his team, coaching staff and fans. So with that, this is only what he can spill out about himself as there is a lot more that goes about himself. At last, he would like to thank Coach Jihad and the coaching staff which had hounerd him with a coaching position for this amazing young team. John promises to do his best to bring a lot of interest in the game and for everyone.
Coach Huthaifa
Technical Coach
Huthaifa has lived half of his life in Edmonton while having a profession of engeneering. Participation in sports and being active has always been an integral part of his life style. He has been coaching for around 5 years and played in teams for over a decade from junior high all the way to university and even more so after. Huthaifa specializes in volleyball and soccer and his goal in RESC SC is to share his passion and experience with anyone who is willing to learn.
Coach Mason
Goalie Coach
Mason has played soccer since he was 8, only becoming a goalkeeper at age 15. He has been all across Canada for soccer and represented Saint Francis Xavier Soccer Academy in Italy where he played against the likes of Inter Milan and Sassuolo. He has been coached from many various high level goalkeepers and brings that breadth of experience into his coaching. Mason has played for the MacEwan University Griffins since 2019 and helped them make playoffs for the first time in their Usports history.
Coach Shaina
Goalie Coach
Shaina has played soccer since age 4, but goalkeeper since age 9. She was a goalkeeper for the University of Alberta Pandas Varsity Soccer team from 2017 - 2022 while she finished her BSc in Biology and Psychology. She is now working on her Master of Science in Medicine. Shaina is also a coach with Free Play for Kids, and she hopes to share her love of soccer with youth in the community, while also working towards making sport more accessible.
Coach Abdul Ahad
Basketball Technical Coach
Abdul Ahad has been coaching basketball for over 5 years now. He has coached at places like Free Play For Kids and at EBB (Edmonton Brothers Basketball). He has also coached U13 all the way up to U18 and adult age groups, he has a range of experience in the basketball coaching field. I also have coaching experience in invdiaul training and development, The certificates I hold in the sports field are for example, Keeping girls in sport, Commit to kids, Mental health in sport, Making headway in sports, Supporting positive behaviours, Welcoming all abilities and Safe Sports training. Abdul Ahad also has coached many players individually to help them grow their skills and development in the game of basketball. Many of those players went on to play basketball at higher levels like University Basketball. As a past basketball athlete, he played competitive basketball throughout his whole life. Abdul Ahad has played on his Junior high and Senior high basketball teams, where he was appointed as captain for many of those teams. He played for Dan Knott Junior high school team in Junior high and in highschool he played for the J Percy Page. He is currently in his last semester of my Bachelor of Business Administration degree, where he specializes in Management at NAIT. He also holds experience in sales and operations while having worked many sales roles in the past as a Senior Sales Representive for PC and Neo Financial. Operations management wise, he currently works at a Pharmacitical Start Up called ReadyCAR Delivery Services as a Senior Operations Manager. Abdul Ahad has a very strong interpersonal skills, he is a strong leader, and has a love for coaching. The game of basketball has always been apart of him he says, it has done so much for him, and with this role, he knows that he will be given the opportunity to give back to the community and help the younger generation grow. He is very excited to start this role and handle the basketball program at the RESC SC (Royal Edmonton Sports Club). Abdul Ahad states that he feels so grateful for this opportunity and so excited to start coaching the kids at RESC SC.

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