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RESC SC 2023 Outdoor Season

EMSA League Teams

EMSA League Teams

U9 Boys: $450
U11 Boys: $550
U17 Boys: $650

Developmental/Grassroots Teams


U5 Boys/Girls: $250
U7 Boys/Girls: $300
U9 Boys/Girls: $400

Developmental Teams

U11 Boys/Girls: $500
U13 Boys/Girls: $550
U15-U19 Boys/Girls: $600

Payments & Registration Forms

Send the payment to:

Please mention the name of your son, the name of the parent paying, and the team category.

Bring a Void Cheque from your bank and mention how much you want us to deduct monthly from your account.

RESC SC has agreements with Kids Sport and Jump Start to provide families that are eligible with funding to cover the cost of the club.

Refund Policy: There is NO Refund if the player played one game or attended one practice. The only exception is when provided a medical report from a doctor and approved by the club.

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