Corporate Office: 6803 39 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T6K 2N6 Canada
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When you go there, tell them that you play for Royal Edmonton Soccer Club, RESC SC with Coach Jihad and they will give you a discount on your haircut price.

Equal Chances For All RESC SC Players

RESC SC is a newly established soccer club in Edmonton for training soccer skills for kids and youth ages 5-19.

Our vision is to grow new generations of soccer players that can compete in Canada’s Soccer Clubs.

RESC SC will provide a new environment for young players who are interested in the worldwide famous game.

Our Vision

The vision and mission of RESC SC is to have a generation of players who are well-trained and confident. RESC SC is geared towards those players who are seeking a greater degree of challenge with opportunities to take their skills to the club level. Marketing opportunities are available to players who seek to play in famous international clubs. We will market any committed and potential players to play at a higher professional level overseas. Our technical director is a scout and an agent who has a wide relationship with many clubs and teams around the world.

YouTube Pro Young Players

Over 20 years Experience

Technical director and professional coaching staff that known how to teach the game properly.

Training Formula

Training formula that will improve your soccer game faster than any other organization.

Marketing Players

Marketing the elite level and talented players to the famous soccer clubs in North America and Europe.

Unforgettable Experience

Professional training help develop skills for players who are just learning to play.

Our Executive Team

Mr. Safwat
Founder & Executive Director
Coach Shady
Founder & President
Coach Jihad
Founder & Technical Director
Technical Club Administrator
Club Administrator
Club Administrator
Club Administrator & Coach
Coach Issa
Technical Coach
Coach Rabeen
Technical Coach
Coach Mohamed
Technical Coach
Coach Romish
Technical Coach
Coach Yaman
Technical Coach
Coach John
Technical Coach
Coach Huthaifa
Technical Coach
Coach Mason
Goalie Coach
Coach Shaina
Goalie Coach
Coach Abdul Ahad
Basketball Technical Coach

Royal Edmonton Soccer Club

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